Fast Facts about Corporate Health

Corporate Wellness might sound boring, but it's an essential piece of the modern office. With everything we've learned in the past few decades alone, the developed world is shifting its business model to focus on individual employee wellbeing. During the past year, the COVID19 crisis has shown everyone the impact that unforeseen events can have on our physical and mental health. This pandemic has caused massive upticks in unemployment, grief, stress, and many problems much worse. At Busy Body Premium, we might be a gym, but we have employees like anyone else. Moving forward, to put our economy back on track and to better serve our communities, we're putting a special attention on workplace wellness. Here are some fast facts that highlight both the positives of a successful corporate health program, and the negatives of an unhealthy work environment.

Why We Need Corporate Wellness

Chronic Illness

An employee with 1 chronic illness is expected to miss 4 more work days than the average U.S. worker

An employee with or more chronic conditions will miss 14.5 more work days than the average U.S. worker, or nearly 6% of the entire business year.

The Cost of Diabetes

$327 Billion - the annual cost of diabetes in the U.S.

2.3x - the average cost of healthcare for a worker with diabetes

26% - the percentage of skyrocketing costs for diabetes in the U.S. from 2012-2017

Why Sleep is Critical to Work

30% - the percentage of surveyed employees who begin their day exhausted

$100 Billion - the annual negative economic impact of insomnia

Sleeplessness is the 2nd leading cause of stress-based work absences

The Difference Corporate Health Can Make

The Positive Impact of a Thriving Program

38% - percentage of participants taking fewer sick days

62% - said the program helped reduce their overall healthcare expenses

11% - greater revenue built per employee

What Employers are Saying

67% - Employers reporting increased worker satisfaction

66% - Reported increased productivity

63% - Reported increased financial growth & sustainability

50% - Reported decreased employee absences