Did you know that the benefits of movement go far beyond improving just your physical health? Exercise, especially as we age, will additionally enhance your mental and social well being for years to come! Here are our top 5 benefits of Silver Sneakers

Build Muscle & Strengthen Bones

You don’t need to be a body builder to build muscle, preserve muscle, and strengthen you bones. As we age, our bodies naturally begin to decline resulting in loss of muscle mass and weakening of bones. But by incorporating a simple workout plan, you will add years to your life allowing yourself to move around with ease and complete everyday tasks more efficiently. Just twenty minutes of your own body weight, light dumbbells, resistance bands, or gym equipment will build your muscles, strengthen your bones and drastically boost your physical well being.

Relieve Those Achy Joints

I’m sure almost everyone has heard of Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion: A body at rest tends to remain at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion.” And for a good reason too - because it is true! If you allow your body to naturally decline as you age without incorporating any movement, even the simplest of actions like walking up the stairs, bending over to pick up the newspaper or even writing a letter will become painful and eventually nearly impossible. Our joints play an important role in the mobility and dexterity of our daily lives. Exercising will keep your joints warmed up, ease arthritis pain and stiffness, and combat fatigue. 

Improve Flexibility & Balance

It is equally as important to build strong muscles and bones as it is to improve the body’s flexibility and balance. In addition to strength training, stretching plays a vital role in the prevention of injury. Not only will it improve posture, but it will also help to release any muscle tension and soreness further reducing the risk of injury. By keeping the body active, your will be increasing circulation, muscle and dexterity control, and improve balance and coordination.

Boost Your Energy & Fight Depression

By now you know that incorporating a strength training routine will help build a strong body, strong muscles, and strong bones. But did you also know it will boost your energy levels? The more muscle mass you create, the more your body has the ability to burn calories at a faster rate which elevates your energy levels and reduces body fat. As we age, our physical health declines and leaves many of us having to deal with certain health conditions that may slow us down. Eventually this sedentary lifestyle can lead to depression. But by adding some heart healthy exercises like water aerobics or power walking to your week, you will begin to produce those “feel good” hormones in your body that essentially tell your brain that you are happy!

Stay Social

Your social life and relationships are just as important to keep up on as your happiness and health. It is a proven fact that people tend to stick to an exercise plan and fully commit to their goals if they have a buddy to help motivate them. With Silver Sneakers, they make it easy to get  involved with the community, look forward to exercising with friends and improving your overall well being!