Busy Body's New Extreme Workout

Join us for new techniques, new trainers, and a new level of intensity!

Welcome to BURN30 at Busy Body Premium

The team at BURN30 are thrilled to join forces with Busy Body Premium in the heart of East Boca, adding a whole new dimension to their incredible fitness center. BURN30 is a high intensity, fully customized workout program utilizing our full array of advanced equipment and dedicated studio space

We provide personal training and nutrition support to ensure you’re maximizing the value of every minute spent at BURN30 and partner you with instructors who know how to motivate, teach, & energize everyone. Thanks and happy new year!

BURN30 Schedule

To book a class within 48 hours, or to inquire about membership, please call 561-367-3542

BURN30 Trainers

Niko Gomez

Niko’s passion for health and wellness is written on every page of his life story. From his early childhood in Colombia through to his arrival in the United States at age 6, Niko’s love for sports and fitness shone through. He’s participated in everything from football, to soccer, to bodybuilding, despite several significant knee injuries. Niko’s passion never wavered as he rebuilt his physical self, tackling the mental struggles that follow, but returning stronger and smarter than ever.

In addition to his unyielding energy and radiating positivity, Niko brings a formalized body of knowledge to BURN30, featuring a B.S. in Exercise Science & Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University, and certifications in personal training and sports nutrition coaching.

Born: Bogota, Colombia
Education: B.S. Exercise Science, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton
Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA

Bogdan Hygge

Bogdan decided from early on that sports and physical fitness were where he wanted to be. His devotion carries through as he lives the very lifestyle he cultivates within everyone at BURN30. Bogdan graduated with a B.S. in Engineering, and his practical expertise lends to the way he approaches his craft, an equal part motivator, equal part technician. Bogdan moved from his native Serbia to Florida in Summer 2015, starting his postgraduate life in our beautiful state.

Bogdan is a welcome arrival and a remarkable member of our fitness community. In his short time here, he’s shown the attitude and drive to continue his personal growth, and share the value of that journey with everyone.

Born: Belgrade, Serbia
Education: B.S. Engineering. University of Technical Science, Belgrade
Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA