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Covid-19 changed the way we work, play and exercise. In response to the current time, we're offering livestream classes for those not yet ready to make it to the gym, too busy with the kids, or would just prefer your privacy  - we've got you covered.

Livestream Classes

Learn More about Boca's Best Group Fitness Classes!

Jumpstart is for the early risers and go getters. An energizing blend of cardio, resistance training, and dynamic movement. Shake off the Monday's and start your week on FIRE!
Bring breath to body and strengthen your core! Build strength, flexibility, and endurance from the center. Yogiilattes is a powerful combination of yoga and pilates, blending just enough of both to gain all the benefits. The perfect weightless workout!
Dumbbells & Bands
Lightweight dumbbells and resistance bands provide an excellent combo to strengthen tendons, joints, & supporting muscles. The mobility of these tools improve body control, balance, and muscle endurance. One of the best ways to build a foundation for massive strength gains!
Another of our empowering combo classes - using our brand new barre installation! Tighten the core and build power from the ground up, gaining flexibility and muscle endurance along the way with your body weight alone. There's a reason Michael Jordan spent so much time on the barre!
Silver Sneakers - Chair Yoga (LIVESTREAM!)
One of our most popular Silver Sneakers classes, Chair Yoga provides the support you need with the energizing practice of yoga. Our instructors have turned the chair from a simple support into an all sides fitness tool, elevating how resourceful we can be!
All of our Silver Sneakers classes are offered via our Livestreaming service as a courtesy to our members.
Silver Sneakers - Primary
Join Shon, our dynamic Silver Sneakers instructor for a do-it-all take on 65+ circuit fitness. Shon is a motivating, inspiring, knowledgeable instructor sure to help you put your best foot (or sneaker) forward.
All of our Silver Sneakers classes are offered via our Livestreaming service as a courtesy to our members.
HIIT Body Sculpt
Tone up and get stronger in a class built on maximizing your body's calorie burning potential. Engage in rapid-fire HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) style exercises with the intent to destroy body fat and sharpen your game!
Butts & Guts

One of Petala's best classes, Butts & Guts is the ultimate inside-out routine. The majority of excess body fat is stored between the trunk and upper abdominals. Butts & Guts is a targeted attack at the most important source of our strength, and the biggest reservoir for extra weight.


Pioneered by Les Mills, the BodyPump utilizes pacing, movement, and barbells to energize the entire body through fluid movement and high intensity circuit training. Utilize the cardiovascular impact of lightweight, high rep training and tone your entire body!


Created by Colombian choreographer Alberto Perez in 1998, Zumba has taken the world by storm. Using rapid hip movements, core foundation, and the high energy music of Latin America as inspiration, Zumba is a proven way to shred calories without lifting a single weight!

Ballet Fitness

Find out why Michael Jordan chose ballet as his go-to offseason fitness regimen. If the greatest ever swears by it, we're sure you will to! Ballet fitness adds pep in your step, tightens your core, and lengthens your stride!

Body Sculpt

Body Sculpting is a non-aerobic core conditioning class built around the use of dumbbells, barbells, and exercise bands. Body Sculpting is an outstanding class for those looking to tighten their core, or for those interested in more intensified weight training. Body Sculpting uses moderate weight and less overall movement than our Body Pump class, allowing for more focus on these core motions, rather than rapid, dynamic movement.

Dance Jam

Dance Jam is an all genres, calorie blasting party. Crossing everything from the current Top 200 to swing, funk, and more. One of our most entertaining & unpredictable classes. Each day is a new spin, but if one thing remains consistent - it's how effective Dance Jam can be for your  mind and body.