The year 2020 has certainly been the year the world collectively hit and faced rock bottom together. But the beautiful thing about hitting rock bottom is there is nowhere to go but up! So, with 2021 right around the corner, people are anticipating a year full of hope and positive change. Tackle your New Year’s Resolutions with these effective steps that will not only keep you on track but will set you up for success, keep the door open for new opportunities, and open your mind to endless possibilities no matter your goals!

Give Power to Your Mind

2020 was all about staying inside which meant most of us hung out on the couch binge watching our favorite shows. We’ve had a full year of relaxation and now it’s time to hit the ground running starting 2021 off by taking control! End the procrastination, put your goals together and tackle them head on!

What we suggest: visualization - simple yet highly effective technique which puts yourself in the place of a future event you are aiming towards. By creating a vision board or by writing out on paper your resolutions, is a great exercise to get you to not only imagine yourself achieving your goals, but it begins to build your self-confidence and reminds you daily to stay focused and on track while you move closer to actually accomplishing them.

Be the Change You Want to See

We have all been under a great deal of stress this past year. We are all looking forward to positive change. But in order for change to occur we need to start with ourselves. It is time to release your stress and welcome with open arms a life full of happiness.

What we suggest: as the world figures out its new normal, schedules will soon become hectic again. It is crucial that you continue to take time for yourself - for your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. To effectively release life’s stress and attract positive change, live a life full of gratitude. A grateful heart will always be happy. The more you become grateful for even the smallest things, the more you will realize you have so much to be grateful for even while you are working on achieving new goals. Practice being grateful daily – keep a journal and watch how not only you will transform, but how the people around you will too.

Get Reacquainted with Socialization

Health and safety are top priorities these days and over the past year, society has been drilled with the term “Social Distancing”. That has taken quite the toll on the majority of the population for sure, separating everyone from seeing friends and family, shutting down many daily activities and groups, and has created this new world of coldness and isolation. But don’t let that get you down and don’t let that be an excuse to prevent you from accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions!

What we suggest: get up and get active! Whether you are healthy and able to head outside or need to safely stay at home, connect with people again! In addition to your personal New Year’s goals, extend yourself and start a walking group with a few of your friends or post a meet up ad to make new friends! Getting some fresh air and socially interacting with others are two great ways to boost your overall health and wellness! Can’t leave the house? Form Zoom groups to exercise at home together or learn how to make healthy and delicious meals! This is a great way to also share your resolutions and hold each other accountable in making sure you accomplish your goals!

So get ready for 2021 and start visualizing, transforming, and socializing your way towards your New Year’s Resolutions!